Techniques - How I work

I may prepare the surface I am working on with gesso, tissue or moulding paste to give a physical texture in certain areas.

I make my own jumbo wax crayons from the ochre rich earth here.  A lovely warm resist.

I then work with colour and line with a number of different media, brushes and tools to interpret my visual response to the landscape and thoughts.

Watercolour, ink, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil and more all come into play and play their part in creating the piece. 

You can probably guess that I love photography as well as painting and ceramics.

I enjoy heading out on walks to see what I come across. 

Often surprising finds are close at hand.

I use photographs as a prompt, to relive the experience and the sensations of the moment.

Photographs also sometimes serve as a guide to composition and structure, but not usually directly. 

A little corner of my studio.