Taking Time to Be Curious

Published on 31 August 2023 at 22:47

Staying curious takes time but it is what keeps us alert and energised and increases our understanding.  Curiosity enriches our lives.  

There are so many things to be curious about, too many, you can't follow all the pathways. 

When I was younger I am not sure that I was that inquisitive. School didn't seem to encourage an enquiring mind, just cover the basics and don't ask questions; but with 45 children in a class and no such thing as a classroom assistant it couldn't have been easy.

University taught me to question, question everything.  Question the validity, the arguments, the conclusions.  Why accept the status quo?  How could we change it for the better? A constant battling with ideas. 

But I think it was in following my art that I became more curious. Because with the arts you can be curious, explore what will happen if you do something differently.  Not like in the chemistry lab where you might cause an explosion or be overcome with fumes if you overstep the boundaries.  Trying another way in art you might be criticised, or denigrated or ignored but it is not often dangerous.

But you need to give yourself the time to explore.  In our fast-paced, non-stop, task-oriented world the aim always seems to be produce more, do more, constantly, don't stop, fill every minute with something scheduled until you are overwhelmed by it all.

My children always used to moan when I asked them to wander a little further on the beach, round the bend, off the path, just to see what was there.  Sometimes it was more of the same and other times we found the jewels, the coves, the rock pools, the interesting stuff, the silky sand.

Now that I have three little grandchildren I hope they can remain curious and are not overcome by constant targeted activity filling every moment.

Because in the meanderings, the musings, the wanderings, the playing for the sake of it the treasure is found.



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